QASA Yam Pounding Machine QYP-6000

  • Rubber feet pad for stability
  • Easy handle
  • Overheat protection
  • Improved alloy pot
  • One switch control
  • Timer for pounding
  • Standby indicator
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Product Description

Get the best yampounder at competitive priceOverview of Qasa Yam Cook and Pounding Machine QYP-6000:

The Qasa Yam Pounding Machine is Specially designed to take the stress of pounding Yam, and make you enjoy your cherished delicacy – ‘Pounded yam’,  whenever.

Brand: Qasa
Product Type: Pounding Machine
Power voltage: 230V 50Hz
Heating: 550W
Mixing: 200W
Capacity: 3.6L


Quick and well pounding
One switch control (Cook-off-pound)
Standby indicator
Easy handle

Brand  Qasa
Weight 15 kg

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